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Meet the Team


Lead Confidence Coach 

Kendra Williams

Kendra Williams supports Abundantly Authentic by speaking at our workshops and events. She wears a few hats that allows Abundantly Authentic to flow in the way God expects. Also being a funding manager and making sure that our girls/moms/guardians/partners are getting the fullest capacity of Abundantly Authentic 's purpose.

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Community Manager

Makala Arcio

As the Community Manager Makala supports Abundantly Authentic in making sure that we are planning, budgeting, and communicating in an effective way to bring our workshops and programs to life.



Makenzie Montfleury

Makenzie has been supporting Abundantly Authentic since day 1. She is a faithful believer in Christ and helps to host and gives ideas for  workshops and events



Priscila Garica

Priscila Garcia has a gift to make sure that Abundantly Authentic events are captured beautifully. She takes pictures of the events to make sure that it is visually appealing, and that every moment is caught gracefully.



Braelyn Butler

Braelyn is not only an alumni of Abundantly Authentic making sure that she has attends each and every Blue Print to Self-Esteem Workshop, but she also loves to support anyways that she can  and has a heart to for Christ.



Michaela Montfleury

Michaela is the reason that Abundantly Authentic was birthed. She is the one that reminded her mom of the importance of making sure that we are practicing the skills necessary to be the most healthiest version of ourselves. She is always giving her ideas, and being the #1 model for Abundantly Authentic 


Illustrator/Creative Director

Andrea Garcia

Andrea Garcia is the mastermind behind the beauty of Abundantly Authentic's images, graphics, logo, and illustrations. She takes the vision of Abundantly Authentic and brings it to life with images and illustrations.

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